Citizens can register on 'Labharthi' web portal using their computers or mobile phones or they can visit nearest authorized training centers of MKCL for registration. Citizens are given liberty to select schemes and benefits according to the personal, educational and professional information provided by them and their preliminary eligibility, to be the beneficiary of the selected scheme, is verified free of cost. Citizens are also made aware about, through 'Labharthi', where to apply, whom to meet, for the schemes and benefits they become likely eligible to.

Citizens can perform further processing on their own or with the help of facilitator. Below mentioned are various steps in the process.

  1. Login on 'Labharthi' Portal: There is a button to login named 'Citizen Login'. Please enter login ID, received while registration process, and password. Please click on 'Forgot password' to reset your password.
  2. Filling in basic profile: After successful login, click on 'Build my profile' button. You will be redirected to basic profile page. The information sought here is very important as far as eligibility for various Govt. schemes. Hence, citizens should fill their information very carefully here. A facility of entering Aadhaar number (optional) is provided here.
  3. Filling in Educational Profile: Education related information should be entered in Educational Profile. A student must make sure that his / her complete educational details are getting entered as those will affect his / her eligibility for various schemes.
  4. Seeing benefits of various government schemes shown in diagrammatic / written format: Citizen can select his / her need(s) and / or role(s) from the pictures shown under My Needs / Roles menu. For e.g. Home, Employment, Fertilizers etc. for needs and Farmer, Student, Artist etc. for roles. Citizen may select multiple needs and / or roles at a time. Based on selection, various benefits of the schemes will be shown.
  5. Showing interest in the benefits: Now, citizens will have to tick (✔) on benefits of their interest. They can click on the benefit picture to know more about the scheme. A pop will open having detailed information of the scheme, including, Department, Scheme Objective, Benefits details etc. Citizens can click (✘) in case they are not eligible on particular benefit.
  6. Filling in information for determining the likely eligibility for availing the benefits of schemes that citizens are interested in: Citizens will have to fill some additional information to determine preliminary eligibility of the benefits. Then for some schemes, questions will be asked. Answers to these questions will determine their likely eligibility for the schemes.
  7. Seeing all information of schemes for which preliminary eligibility is validated: Once all the required information is filled and questions are answered, citiznes will be shown benefits, required documents, sample application form, contact authority etc. of the schemes citizens are validated to be likely eligible.
  8. Taking the print out: In the end, citizens will be able to take a print out of preliminary eligibility proven schemes. This print out comprises of scheme’s name, benefits, required documents, contact authority etc. A letter from Hon’ble Chief Minister addressing to citizens is the prominent feature of this print out. Citizens can attach this letter along with application while applying to various departments. A letter also has a reference number, which may prove to be useful in case of tracking any application.
  9. Applying for likely eligible schemes: Citizens will find 'Apply' button below the scheme they are likely to be eligible for. Upon clicking the button, citizens will be redirected to the application form. The portal will automatically fill in details in the application form based on the information already provided by the citizens. Blank fields/entries thus remained in the application form will be filled in by citizens themselves. They will also upload the required documents. Subsequently, the application will be forwarded to the concerned department. This will speed up the process to avail the benefits of the scheme for a citizen. Application forms for a few selected schemes are made available on the portal on pilot basis. If a scheme requires an application form to be filled in on the independent portal of the concerned department, citizen will be redirected to that portal after clicking on 'Apply' button